Thursday, October 7, 2010

HOW EXACTLY TO TRACE A SCAMMER / FRAUD! Attention: ONLINE DATING SITES SITES/FACEBOOK/TAGGED/SOCIAL WEBSITES/EBAY/AUCTION WEB SITES – THAT IS A SHORT-CUT! The Nigerian 419 Ripoff is pretty not used to the parts of asia therefore they can get the big bucks scamming woman that is asian are less expose how exactly to trace scammer location and identification. NIGERIAN RIPOFF RE SEARCH: http. Php this is certainly: //www.

BROWSE THIS SCAM STORIES TO START: view this scammer movie!

I’ve been already scammed by a Nigerian man posing as being a white Hispanic guy. He stated their title is Kevin Moore. We have lost $40,000 US bucks. Please keep reviews below, the following is a photograph associated with the guy he stated he was.

  • “Charity” scam: Some scammers will endeavour to interest your feeling of generosity by saying they want funding to support their ministry, cash for meals or urgent procedure, assist getting away from their country, this brand brand brand new approach the scammers are utilising to focus on Christians.
  • Enjoy scam: Some scammers are only a little tougher to get. They’re going to show their deep love in person for you(even though they’ve never met you) and will soon discuss wanting to meet you. They will usually state they have designated your profile. Generally the page appears like it is generic (ie. A questionnaire page created for anybody). Whether it’s a guy, he will be obscure about their occupation but will very nearly constantly mention he travels extensively. It might simply take 2 to 3 letters, but he will probably mention Nigeria (or perhaps “West Africa”), Southern Africa or Malaysia. If it is a female she will mention Nigeria, likely Ghana (or simply “West Africa”), Russia or Ukraine. The step that is next to cause you to deliver them cash for many serious cause (mom is unwell and requirements an procedure; can not spend a bill; stuck in a resort without any money; require cash desperately to save lots of a company deal, etc.). Likewise, they may claim they would like to fulfill you and require you to buy an airplane solution so they are able to see you. It is really typical request for Russian scammers. They are going to often mention that “age is simply quantity” or “distance is not any barrier to love”. Frauds from female profiles often target users years that are 15-40 senior; frauds from male pages have a tendency to target women 50+
  • Money purchase scam: The scammer asks for the aid in cashing cash sales, whilst you ‘reimburse’ them by sending money via Western Union. The target soon discovers out of the money sales are fake but has delivered the ‘reimbursement’ via Western Union.
  • Million Dollar Ripoff: with you, rest assured it’s a scam if you receive a message asking for your help in distributing millions of dollars from someone who has never met you or had any prior contact. The individual giving the information for your requirements will not know who you really are and does not care. They likely are now living in Nigeria or Malaysia and they are trying to find individuals who are gullible sufficient to think they could make a few million dollars in a transaction that is single some body they will have never met.
  • Asking one to contact them away from site that is dating, requesting your YM contacts, very long sweet e-mails with flowery words from poetry guide.
  • Often words that are using “baby” and “dear”
  • Those professing their love for you personally, also in their very very first contact
  • Bad grammar

AS WE ARE SCAMMED WE DO RESEARCH IT IS JUST TOO LATE! AVOID CASH LOSS, CRACKED HEART, PSYCHOLOGICAL TURMOIL, and a lot of crucial OUR SAFETY. We wish this web site shall save yourself some body life, cash and functions as PRE-WARNING TO ALL OR ANY INTERNET DATING PEOPLE before they venture into internet dating in different web web site. Nigerian scammers use white western guy photo, fake ID, fake cam, fake lawyer’s page, fake courier page or imagine to be sex that is opposite. You simply cannot escape an individual will be targeted because they know you are lonely, looking for love, ready for new relationship, financially independent, FEAR GOD, ( Regardless what religion you believe in, most Nigerian scammers are Christian, making Christian woman their favorite victims) as they will send many ID’s to keep greeting you and in communication with you, constantly chatting you up, preying on you.

This web site is focused on people perhaps maybe not familiar or good with all the online and not used to the internet dating sites.


Example: yahoo e-mail, open you inbox, right click the e-mail, scroll down the package to “VIEW COMPLETE HEADER”, simply simply click upon it and a box while using the internet protocol address seems. Highlight whole package terms, content and paste to your below site


, REPLACE YOUR EMAIL/YM PASSWORD, block thier message it might probably include virus or if the internet protocol address is from your country that is own for it is a SCAM as he claims to be overseas- right!

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